IT Sponge FAQ

Question: I re-installed my computer and lost the original e-mail with registration code. Do I have to buy your program again?
Answer: Of course not. Contact us and provide us with information about your original order (name, surname, e-mail, approximate date etc.) We will find your order and send you the registration key again.

Question: Can I install one bought copy to multiple computers?
Answer: No. You have to buy an extra licence for every computer.

Question: What if I change my computer to a new one later? Do I have to buy program again?
Answer: You don't have to. Uninstall program on previous computer and install it on a new one. But you can't use one purchased copy concurrently on both computers.

Question: Do you provide computer maintenance services as well?
Answer: No. There are specialist for software and hardware services. Try to search here.

Question: What versions of operating systems is IT Sponge for?
Answer: Software is for operating system Windows. Supported versions: Windows 7TM, Windows 8TM, Windows 8.1TM, Windows 10TM
Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

Question: What is the current version number? How can I get this version?
Answer: Current version number is 528.
Installed version number can be found in main program window title. If you've got a lower version, you'll be prompted for update automatically in couple of hours, or, at the latest, after next computer restart..

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